Well Groomed run that winds down the mountain with plenty of space to Turn









This run is one of two ways to get down to Frachey.

The Dei Larici run is very pleasant after the steepness of Del Colle run from Bettaforca.

Its not as difficult and gently winds its way down to frachey base.

The run is too difficult for complete beginners but there is no reason why people who are feeling a little confident and have contorl over their turns could take the Alpe Mandria chair and take number 13 to access 15.

However do be aware 13 is steep at the stop but there is plenty of space to ensure the turns are controlled.

Dei Larici also has wonderful views to offer.

the run is lightly tree lined and generally the snow is well maintained.

The other point to watch out for is when visiting after Christmas and new years the bottle necks can get a little cut up.

The sun doesn't favour the run generally after around 1pm so if you like the sun to guide you, enjoy this run in the morning.