One of the great classic routes in the Monte Rosa area: long and complex in high mountain terrain.









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The wide Salza valley offers up many different options.

When skiing from the left to the right side, it is possible to find spring snow in the sun under the Telcio and powder on the right.

On the last section you can expect a fantastic view of the Felik glacier.

Please note that the traverse at the beginning is not suitable for snowboarders. From the top station at Punta Indren traverse across the left side of the small Indren glacier without loosing height until you reach an extensive rock band (the line of the traverse is usually safe, but beware of small crevasses covered by snow).

Keep traversing on the diagonal at the same height (this area is especially prone to slabs forming from high winds).

Continue past a small valley descending from the Mantova hut and cross to the other face remaining on the same trajectory until you reach a small plateau.

Follow the slopes curving round to the right until you see the Salza col in front of you.

Pass it and choose the best side of the valley to ski down.

At the bottom you reach a long glacier moraine, cross it from the right in a diagonal traverse to reach its summit - a nice point to view the valley.

Pass by the river underneath and continue to traverse west into the wooded area without loosing height.

You will reach a large block (municipal water system) and then follow the obvious trail through the woods towards the end of the valley, Stafal.