A fun filled multi line choice ungroomed black run









There is quite a variety of choices for this run depending on the conditions du jour.

Either way, it's a gnarly black, so have your wist and skills about you if giving it a go.

Upper Dynamite is signposted off Sugar and Spice, and starts off with a short flat section immediately followed by a steep section with enormous snow clad boulders.

Line choice through this field, especially in early season is essential, as there are some options simply not available to you depending on snow conditions.

Once past the boulder field, you come across a relatively flat section parallel to chairline, which will take you out to where the main boulder field.

There's a minefield of large boulders to skiers right that you can skirt around to skiers left of take the easiest route down the mogul field.

Alternatively, (conditions, skill and bravery permitting) you can navigate through the larger boulders, dropping whatever line choice comes to mind.

Be sure to check landings before you drop! This boulder field gives way to the main mogulled face. Once past the main boulder field, a sometimes groomed cat track on skiers right takes you back towards either Sugar and Spice, or Lower Dynamite.

Keep your eyes open for various rock drops on both sides of the trail that will be available depending on snow conditions.

Of particular note is the one to skiers right just after cutting under Grand View Express.