A wide open cruising run to enjoy fresh corduroy









Upper Apex Ridge acts as a great access for intermediates to some more challenging areas of Canyons, anyone hoping to ski down through Condor Woods, maybe take a lap of Upper Apex and Apex Ridge to scope some of the better lines, depending on the snow.

This run gives a great perspective to the size of Park City and Canyons with great views across the valley, and intermediates who are tempted to move to black runs, should use Upper Apex as access to the Rendezvous Bowl which provides a good basis for advanced terrain.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a cruise down a blue, look no further, Upper Apex and Apex is great way to warm up before the advanced terrain either side of the ridge.

Although these runs are regularly groomed, they have been known to ice over fairly readily due to sun exposure, and in more testing conditions, other more sheltered areas may be the way to go.

Snow cover isn’t a worry on this run, watch for the odd hanging branch if you dip into some trees on the way down, but watch out as it opens out and if visibility isn’t great, some people do find themselves starting a run they didn’t intend to.