Short canoe or kayak trip to a backcountry campground on an island.









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Instead of taking the motorized boat tour of Maligne Lake, you can paddle your own canoe or kayak (or a rental) and visit any place you like along its extensive shore.

And it is quite extensive––this is the largest natural lake in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

The lake has three backcountry campsites, of which Hidden Cove is the nearest to the launch. This site is best for families and beginner-level groups who do not want to paddle very far.

It also makes a good first-night camp for those who want a relaxed start to a longer trip.

Even though the journey to Hidden Cove is short, paddling on a lake of this size has its difficulties.

When the wind blows, waves can be quite large, and weather can change quickly.

It’s recommended to launch early in the day, for the best chance at calm water. Hidden Cove is located on an island, and the take-out is tucked into a small, well-protected bay.

The campground has a handful of individual sites, each with a tent pad and food locker.

There are also communal picnic tables and a fire grate. Source: