Some of the quietest runs in resort, excellent in flat light.









The Tschuggen T-Bar puts many visitors off skiing the Sattelegg piste, but it really should not deter you as the runs are great and the T-Bar itself is not steep.

Loosely following the T-Bar line, the Sattelegg pistes are excellent in bad weather as the trees provide great shelter from the elements.

Turn left from the top of the T-Bar where a wide and open piste awaits.

You quickly reach the treeline where the run splits into two distinct routes, both of which have some steeper pitches followed by wide and always well-groomed flatter sections.

On a powder day the trees just off the sides offer some fantastic lines, especially in flat light, but be careful not to miss the Tschuggen lift as the area below the bottom of the T-Bar is protected land for wildlife. Although marked as red on the piste map, these runs can be tackled by less confident intermediates, as the lack of people on the runs make the steeper sections less scary than on some of the busier slopes.