One of the flowy few: an easy mountain bike ride in Buena Vista.


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Easy mountain bike rides are few and far between in the Arkansas Valley, but this new route on Bacon Bits and Sausage Link is one of the flowy few! Begin this ride from the Midland trailhead by following the Midland Trail.

This initial stretch of singletrack follows the path of an old railroad grade, which offers flat, non-technical pedaling.

Where the railroad grade crosses narrow, steep washes, new singletrack bypasses around the locations where railroad trestles once stood.

These sections of singletrack can be somewhat rocky and tricky.

These rocky sections are definitely not true beginner features, but it’s about as easy as mountain biking gets here in BV. Once on Bacon Bits, the technicality diminishes substantially… if you stay on the main trail.

Challenging alt lines can be found along the entire length of Bacon Bits, allowing you to choose your own adventure and adapt the level of technical difficulty to your skill level. The options continue on Sausage Link, with as many as three different lines in some places.

Despite some slickrock slabs, Sausage Link still remains largely non-technical, although some alt lines definitely exceed.

Enjoy the downhill flow, and rip back down to the Midland Trailhead to complete this delightful easy-intermediate mountain bike ride.