A technical blue run with the added option of a red run









This run starts from the top of the Tossa drag lifts coming back over from the main area of Pal and the top of the La Botella chairlift.

It's starts off as cruisy blue run, which won't challenge even a basic skier.

The run meanders down the ridge line until reaching the top of the Setúria chairlift where you can find the start of many reds and blues.

The run then continues down skiers right at the split and then again splits into the Coll de La Botella red, skiers left, or the blue which is skiers right.

The red option is a straight steep pitch which offer a great challenge for new red run skiers.

The blue run is still a challenge, with a twisty undulating piste which sees heavy traffic as it's the only blue run to the Pal-Arinsal cable car.

The red and blue runs then murge into a wide tree lined cruisy blue run which continues down to the La Botella chairlift and the Pal-Arinsal cable car.

Passing these features the run swings round to left, staying with its width but gaining a slight camber left to right.

The run then swings down to the right getting slightly steeper before flattening just before the Setúria Chairlift.