Memorial #3 is one of the classic steep lines on the backside of Mount Olympus with large dramatic rock lined walls.


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Memorial #3 is a steep and perfectly pitched hidden gem on the backside of Mount Olympus.

Park at the Neffs Canyon trailhead in Mount Olympus Cove.

From here follow the road up into Neffs Canyon.

At the first junction head to the right up into N Fork of Neff's.

This trail is narrow and winds through the tight trees as it heads to the S.

The area is very brushy and can be a rough go in low snow years, or when conditions are thin, but persevere and you'll find yourself at the base of the Memorial Couloirs for some excellent steep and tight chute skiing. #3 is right next to #4 and there are sections where you can cross over between the two.

The full run is well over 1,000 feet and in the upper 30 to lower 40 degree range.

There are large rock walls and slabs on either side of the run, but there's plenty of room for great turns.

It can be a little tricky to find the bottom since it's got lots of brush and trees and doesn't look like a chute until you get up further into it.

You should be able to see the upper couloir from below though and head up trusting your gut.