Open groomed run that channels you from the Lizard Bowl to the Lower Mountain through some beautiful trees.









Ballet (58) is a popular run that connects the upper section of the Lizard Bowl down with the Lower Mountain in the widest green run in the Lizard Bowl.

Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Lizard Bowl and ski down to the run via Dancer (50), Tower 6 Trail (90), and Sun Up (56).

Most will opt for Tower 6 Trail (90) unless you want to ski a more challenging route to the top of Ballet (58).

Although it was of the only runs in the Lizard Bowl that doesn't have a great view of the Elk Valley the run cruises through a beautiful forest before ending at the top of the Elk Quad.

Even though Ballet (58) is the most open green run in the Lizard Bowl be careful to watch for others around you.

This run can be quite busy as three separate runs merge into the top it.