A short blue with a little challenge in the middle.









This sweeping blue shoots off skiers right from blue run Port Vell, starting with a gliding section before dropping down a lovely standard blue pitch towards the start of the 4 man Port Negre chairlift.

Cruising past the chairlift starting point you'll find the run steepening up to a challenging short blue pitch, however this run does have a bail out option skiers left, which offers a sweeping left hook around the steeper descent.

The run then sweeps down to a great open section which offers even the timidest of beginners the chance to open the tanks a little as you head towards the Obelix restaurant.

The run is mostly in shade for a majority of the day which can encourage good snow conditions, with the only real note been on the last gliding section, which can be icey in places from the snow cannons.

The run can be busy as it is a main highway for beginners and ski school, watch out on Wednesday's as the beginners take to the mountain.