The beginners dream! open and cruisy..









The easiest blue run in Arinsal, with more tendencies of green than blue.

This is and should be the first port of call for any beginners heading up the Les Fonts 6 man chairlift for the first time.

The run tends told good condition throughout the day even with heavy traffic, as the shadow of the mighty La Capa peak casts over the run.

As you enter the run from the chairlift it opens up in front of you, a football pitch width blanket of white, which gently meanders down the mountain.

The run offers no issues and is a great place to practice them turns, with the only place to mention been just before the Port Negre chairlift.

The slope for around 100m has a camber right to left, which can offer a little challenge to a run of such ease.

After the camber the run gently passes the Port Negre chairlift, swinging to the right before joining the Margaridas flat bottom section.

This run can be busy as it is a favourite, especially on a Wednesday and Thursday when the ski schools are venturing up.