A steep, usually ungroomed red run with off piste trees on both sides









This can be a cracker of a run, on fresh snow days it's the best! The run drops off the side of Cami Superior and steeply drops away to a almost semi bowled run with trees lining it the whole way down.

It has very few slight twists and turns in it until you reach the very bottom which tightens slightly until it reaches the bottom.

This is a ever evolving run, and is never groomed.

The run will bump up if there is no snow for a while which can lead to some fair sized bumps through the middle of the run.

The run can lack in sun sometimes which can lead to icey bumps, but the run is wind protected and can cause snow to blow into it offering great snow.

On both sides of the run are forests of pine trees and bushes,offering variety and the option to ski freely.