A black run for an amazing adventure









In an area accessible only by Montmalus ski lift and located on a mountain area where the resort has not been expanded, Granota will offer you an unbelievable nature experience just cruising the slope.

Starting just below Montmal├║s valley the run drops into a characteristic alpine foresty rolling terrain starting with a steep section afterwards.

The slope its not like a highway like others in the resort, but wide enough to carve around inside the forest.

The last section is a pretty mellow cruiser still through the forest.

Definitely one of the highlights of whole GV.

Grau Roig is a really rocky area, since this area does not have any snow-making, which is good, be aware of possible rocks.

The slope its really challenging early season and later on the season being one of the first ones to close if there is no snow cover.

Said that, if it is open don't wait and have one of the best experiences in the resort.

What are you waiting for?!