Steep off-piste through the forest









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start down the Rossinyol piste past the Gaig piste intersection to where Rossinyol gets flatter.

Be aware of a little rolling area on your right and the slope will start to once again to gain steepness.

At this point jump to the right side.

Sometimes there is a track from the snow groomers so you might have to walk and do the approach on foot.

A wide steep slope opens up with scattered trees at the bottom and it is skiable everywhere.

The forest on the right side can be skied but the last section gets steep and hard to ski with some drops and little cliffs in the trees.

As soon you get down the first slope go towards the rolling area, another clear area opens up with scattered trees and two treelines at both sides.

Keep riding it down until you have to ride in the forest if you try to get out on the right side.

There are lots of little cliffs which can be jumped if there is good snow cover.

Anyway, ride down following the ridge inside the trees until you will end up back on the Gaig piste.