Technical and challenging lines on the Pic Blanc North-west face.









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At the top of Pic Blanc chairlift turn right and hike up the western ridge of Pic Blanc (2639m).

A wide but steep ridge will lead you to the summit.

The ridge is also accessible by the Font Negre chairlift but you will have to hike back up the slope to get to Pic Blanc top station and access the ridge.

Regarding safety, there can be cornices on the left of the ridge but the right side is clear and safe.

The climb to Pic Blanc summit will take about 35 to 50 minutes depending on equipment and snow conditions.

Crampons are not mandatory but are highly recommended in this climbing section due to ridge's exposure to and often icy conditions underfoot.

Once at the top you can drop to the left into el Clot de les Abelletes through Pic Blanc's north-west face.

If you drop straight north the terrain gets steep and challenging with few rocks and natural features to jump.

An easy way is to drop down to the mountain pass and ride the the north face.

Heads up at the bottom the slope; there might be a safety spot just below where a little hill sets you higher but depending on snow conditions it might not be there.

At the end, ride down the wide creek with some steep couloirs on your left (so keep an eye because it's an exposed area.) Make your way down to hit the Isard piste.