A awesome crusier, great for all levels of skiier.









This blue run traverses across the middle mountain of Pal, this gentle cruiser meanders up and down the contours of the mountain taking in the views of the valley below.

The run starts off from the top of the La Botella chairlift cruising down a long flat section before swinging down left onto a classic blue gradient slope with slightly banked sides.

The run then cuts under the El coms draglift before becoming a super flat but narrow track before joining a wider blue run, which again meanders and rolls beautifully across the Pal valley towards the Pla de La Cot services area.

Keep your speed as you head towards the end as it really flattens out and gradually goes uphill, to get over to the La Caubella area.

This run can be busy as it connects a lot of slopes and is the main route for people getting around Pal.

The run is basked in sunshine most of the day with only the last section shaded by trees.