Tree run for bad days









FATMAP difficulty grade



This run provides a nice route, for snowy days with bad visibility conditions.

It's good to be one of the first people here, so go there early, because there isn't enough fresh snow between the trees for everybody.

First of all take the 8er Jet gondola to the top.

Then follow piste number 10 until you go under a small tunnel near the Pfaffenbühel 2 T-Bar.

Go past the tunnel and stop here to meet up with your buddies again.

There is a black piste (number 10) on your left and a red one on your right.

A few metres before the point where the slopes separate the 8er jet gondola is crossing.

Go to this point, when you come nearer you see a pylon from the cable car standing on a bigger rock, the gondola is hanging just 2 meters above ground, you can't miss it! Go right in direction of the 8er jet gondola, the first part of the slope is wide and there are just a few trees and some small cliffs for dropping.

The nearer you come to the bottom, the closer the trees come together, it's a good advice to stay at the near where the cable car is running, or just few meters either side of the old Pfaffenbühel chairlift line.

May you find some good parts at the side of it, follow this part until you reach the bottom station of 8er jet.

You also have the option to go to the right after 200meters and ski ahead in the direction of the black slope number 6.

Here you just have some single trees standing in the hill and you have a lot more space for turning.

After 250 more meters you will reach the slope and can follow it back to the gondola.