Short and sweet run through the trees of the upper Lizard Bowl.









The first option of the popular intermediate runs that descend down the top section of the Lizard Bowl from the Lizard Traverse (105).

This run takes you down a short open powder field before merging with Tower 6 Trail (90).

Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Lizard Bowl, exit to the left and ski down the Lizard Traverse (106).

Drop into the first run along the traverse, this is the start of Weasel (54).

This run can be groomed yet it is often left as a soft snow run unless the resort is in a dry spell.

The run ends at the Tower 6 Trail (90) cat track, which you can then merge onto or contine straight down into the mid section of Arrow (55).

Enjoy the amazing powder turns, yet try and get to this run earlier than later as it is often the first run to be skied out out of the intermediate runs along the Lizard Traverse (106) on a busy day.