Natural rollers descending down to the final steep pitch that ends by merging into either Tower 6 Trail (90) or Dancer (50).









Arrow (55) shoots the skier down the Lizard Bowl with a combination of mellow natural rollers that takes you down to a steeper open groomed pitch before merging with either Tower 6 Trail (90) or Dancer (50).

Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Lizard Bowl.

Exit to the left of the lift and instead of traversing across Lizard Traverse (105) you will drop into the top of the run which is the first run to the south of the Great Bear Express Quad.

This run features quite a bit of natural jumps to play with on both sides of the run, and for the more adventurous there is a gully on the left side of the bottom of the run next to the challenging tree run Sunny Side (57).

At the end of the run you can merge onto Tower 6 Trail (90) or Dancer (50).

If you decide to merge onto Dancer (50) make sure to be cautious as you cross the Tower 6 Trail (90) cat track.