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Tourenbericht: Route desription: The generous amount of new snow from mid-November had solidified well and the conditions in the Dolomites were really fantastic.

Especially in the steep couloirs, where neither sun nor wind could influence the snow cover, the snow was ideal.

We wanted to freeride the northern channel at the Plattkofel, and this needs perfect conditions.

A steep couloir, about which you can not find very much information on the Internet.

To save us on the way back a laborious climb back to the “Langkofelscharte” with descent over the southern flank back to “Sellajoch”, we left a car in the Finish area of the “Saslong” in St.


With the second car we drove to “Sellajoch” and climbed towards the south side of the “Grohmannspitze”.

We crossed the southern slopes below the “Grohmannspitze” and the “Innerkoflerturm” and climbed into the “Zahnkofelscharte”. We found the finest powder snow down in the huge pot, the so-called “Plattkofelkar”.

This first descent from the ridge made you want more.

At its bottom we put the skins on our skies again and turned left to the entrance of the “Via ferrata Schuster”.

The wire ropes were buried under the large amounts of snow.

Fortunately, we were able to go a little bit over the steep flank with the skis, before it went up again in a laborious stapeling almost 150 meters.

In the middle of the “via ferrata” there is a striking slope to the right, which is also the entrance to the northern couloir of “Plattkofel”.

After a short lunch break we switched back to descent mode. In the couloir we found powder snow again.

The descent in this roughly 45° steep couloir was a true dream.

Below the groove gets really wide again and it can be really enjoyable skiing.

At about 2,000 meters you have to be careful again, here is a rock bar.

Thanks to the lot of snow we were able to overcome it with a courageous jump from 3 meters without any problems.

After that, it was over with the good snow conditions.

We skied another 150 meters down before we climbed up again to “Piz Ciaulonch” where we reached the ski slopes of the “Gardena ski area”.

We reached the Saslong via a connecting track and drove over the World Cup ridge back to the Cable car station where we had left our car in the morning.