Short rolling open glades with multiple natural features to get air off of!









Natural rolling glades that open up as you descend down the run.

Take the Great Bear Express Quad up to the top of the Lizard Bowl.

You can exit on either side of the lift yet be prepared to cut over hard right if you are on Bear (60) or left from Arrow (55).

The run begins at the same point as Sun Up (56) yet is the next run to the right of it.

You may also access the run from the southside of the Lizard Bowl by traversing across the upper section of Tower 6 Trail (90), yet this is hardly ever used as a way to access Sunny Side (57).

The run consists of some open glades through natural rollers before opening up at its final steep section.

A number of small jumps will form throughout this jump and a small gully separating Sunny Side (57) from Arrow (55) ends with a large jump before the runs merge into Tower 6 Trail (90).

A great place for a freerider to start their day!