When it's open its a must do! Timed Slope, used for local Ski Clubs









The term timed slope is a little ambiguous.

We have come to the conclusion that this literally means the run is not always open.

This could be for safety reasons, to keep the slope in the best conditions for races of the local ski teams or because the Italians like to keep us on our toes.

You will find a small clock icon next to some selected runs that carry this "timed slope" title.

If you are on the chair lift and wonder why the run isnt open you will now know.

However if you get the chance to catch this run while it is open then go for it.

It faces west so has the sun and is generally well groomed.

its a nice, fast and steep run offering perfect conditions for intermediates to advanced skiers and for those who like to build up the speed and really carve into those turns.

Also if you fancy yourself as a bit of an exhibitionist then seen as this runs directly under the chairlift so plenty of opportunities to show off using the ample space.