Steep mogul run above a tight gully connecting the southside of the Lizard Bowl to the Lower Mountain









This mogul run is steeper than it looks and because of this can attract many overconfident skiers who often find themselves overwhelmed by the surprisingly steep pitch.

Skiing down from either Dancer (50), the Easter Bowl (49) or Easter East (49A) will take you directly to the top of the run, a steep section of bumps that travels above a narrow gully that is filled with small trees and shrubbery that makes it unskiable until late in the season.

The moguls here begin with a gradual descent across a natural convex that is on top of the main steep pitch.

Before the convex deposits you onto the main pitch there is a small ski track traversing into he trees to the right as well, this is the entrance to the hidden Window Chutes (49B and 49C).

This gives the top of the run a mellow feel before dropping into the main pitch which is drastically steeper and can become quite icy.

The run ends by merging with the groomed cat track Deer Trail (38) which you can take down to the beginner section or simply cross to access Giggly Gully (99) or Dipsy (110).

This run is fast and best avoided by those who do not enjoy skiing bumps.

For those who do enjoy the mogul skiing prepare to fall in love with Freeway (48) which can easily be lapped by taking Giggly Gully (99) or Dipsy (110) back to the Great Bear Express Quad!