An OG Buena Vista ride on the Midland Railroad Grade.









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The Midland Trail is one of the OG Buena Vista mountain bike rides.

This trail follows the path of an old railroad grade, which offers flat, non-technical pedaling for most of its length.

These sections of singletrack along the old railroad grade are about as flat and easy as mountain biking ever gets.

Along the way, this trail passes through a beautiful landscape—either narrow gorges where the railroad grade was carved through sheer rock cliffs, or stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. Where the railroad grade crosses narrow, steep washes, new singletrack bypasses around the locations where railroad trestles once stood.

These sections of singletrack can be somewhat rocky and tricky.

These rocky sections are definitely not true beginner features, but it’s about as easy as mountain biking gets here in BV. This out-and-back ride is a great introduction to mountain biking for new initiates.

The route is easy to understand, and you can turn around whenever you’d like.

For a bigger dose of singletrack, including some flowy trail features and alt lines to challenge yourself on, consider tackling [this loop variant]( with Bacon Bits and Sausage Link.