A little run for beginners to enjoy a few hundred meters of quiet terrain









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This is a nice little run to do between piste shreds.

If you are spending the day with a beginner group of friends in Pila, this run is so easy to jump on to and leave when you approach the chair lift.

You enter by simply following the little "slip run" that runs past and directly behind the Couis 2 chair lift.

Then follow this until you see the option for red run 17 or further across to skier left, you will spot red 18.

Traverse out from red 18 and begin your off-piste descent wherever you wish.

However, it is important to note that you should definitely not re-enter the forest as you run the risk of getting lost.

At the bottom of the Grimondet chairlift there is dense forest which isn't safe to ski, it is to be avoided.

However, if you stay in the open area and simply jump back onto the piste as you hit the Grimondet chair lift, you will be fine.

The snow levels remain high more so than other areas as its almost totally due North.

This terrain is naturally very rolly, on both sides of Piste 18.

On the skiers left where this run recommends, the more adventurous in the group can gather some speed and enjoy the rollers.

The others can enjoy the rather gentle gradient.

Only around 300m long but it's as far skiers left as you will get in Pila.

It is fairly wide too so a few of you can descend at the same time if you wish.