A moderately steep open groomed trail that takes down into the Cedar Bowl.









A popular run for those looking for some fast turns on a long open pitch.

Take either the Great Bear or Boomerang Chairs to the entrance of the Cedar Bowl.

Once in the bowl the top of the run will start being the first open section on your right.

Ski down into the Cedar Bowl enjoying some of the best views of the town of Fernie that the resort offers! The first section is moderately steep but mellows out after a third of the way down.

At this point you will also have to decide which exit out you would prefer for the Cedar Bowl.

You may take a left down another steep pitch known as Tuck Out (78A), it will take you to the bottom the bowl and you must take the Haul Back T-bar out.

The other option is to instead stay on a cat track, Alpine Way (106), that will traverse left out of the bowl crossing Emily's Run (74) before taking you back into the Lizard Bowl right above the Haul Back T-Bar.

Remember to yield to skiers on Emily's Run (74) when traversing across the run.