My first 100 km!









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The route is a loop around the beautiful Mont-Ventoux, crossing some of the most beautiful villages of Provence (10 in total).

There is no particular start point, you can start the route from wherever you like, although the best would be to start in one of the villages mentioned on the map.

You can run the loop clockwise or anticlockwise, but I would recommend checking the elevation profile to avoid finishing uphill which might be hard depending on your physical condition. The trail is not very technical, there are asphalt parts but also single tracks with lots of rocks (the particularity of the southern region) so that means you would need to be careful on some of the sections.

I found the route pretty easy compared to some major technical trails in the Alps, however, it is a long route so I would advise to be well prepared before willing to take on such a challenge.

Depending on your level and considering that there is not much elevation gain you can possibly run the whole loop, but again you would need to assess your condition beforehand. The route can be divided into smaller parts and completed on several days; for example, splitting in half and sleeping in a hotel would be a good idea.

That could be interesting for people that prepares ultra-marathon as they could complete it during a weekend.

Of course, you could also walk the whole course if you do not want to run but I would recommend heading for 3 days at least.

There are some beautiful bed and breakfast (with good French food) in the villages along the course so you might want to check those out. The course can be completed all year round although I strongly advise to avoid the summer season as July and August are the hottest months of the year and it could be dangerous knowing that there is not much water along the course.