Farthest run off the Twin Chutes Traverse with many wind drifts









FATMAP difficulty grade



A wind drifted, fun open run off the top of Twin Chutes.

Winds are usually high in this area as well as visibility.

It is open and can be very soft and powdery.

However, the drifts can be firm and tough.

The bottom exit flattens out, and you my require a push to get back into the Windows.

West Twin Chute is the steepest pitch on peak the north side of peak 9, and despite it being very short, it is totally worth the effort.

From the top of the peak 9 access road, continue hiking west toward the peak 9 bowl until you get up and over ridge, and are staring down at west twin chute, which is also the steepest of the twin chutes.

The run out is long, technical, and spans almost the entire valley between peak 8 and peak 9.

Keep the run out to the right, and it will be much easier to get back to chair E.

Stay to far left, and you will wind up struggling to stay on the right side of the boundary rope.