This is an area that isnt on too often as it needs good snow coverage, but when it is its one the best









FATMAP difficulty grade



Hidden Valley, as the name suggests, is not easy to find and is more one for the locals. Take the Home Basin chair and then the cat track to the Saddle.

Just as you pass a small hut on your right you will see a gate at the start of a ridgeline.

This is where your hike begins. To reach Hidden Valley you need to hike around 20 mins past an area called Sundance.

You will reach the boundary fence which sits just past a natural saddle, Hidden Valley is to your left. The terrain in here is not too steep but is very undulating and really playful.

There are lots of small features and hits and after a big snow it will hold the snow well. You finish on the access road to Treble Cone, so you will need to hitchhike back up, or walk for 15 mins. The terrain is not steep, but is is a terrain trap, so be very careful and make sure your whole crew know how to use their avalanche safety equipment.