A super wide area with endless terrain variety









Named for the enormous rock formations at the top of the run, Pinnacles is a series of very long black runs that run from the Skyline Trail all the way down to the California Trail.

To enter, simply follow Skyline towards the Nevada side and keep an eye out for the huge overhead Pinnacles sign.

Before dropping in, make sure to look around - the winds long the top of the mountain often scour the first ~20 feet of the trail and you may need to navigate some exposed rocks.

After entering, stay to skier's right to follow a semi-narrow path between some big exposed boulders and rolling terrain.

If dense tree skiing is your thing, consider going hard to your right.

Alternatively, stay to the left after entering to get into some wider-space trees and open terrain.

No matter which direction you head, you'll end up merging into the California Trail (from the right) or Ellie's (from the left)...

head straight back to Sky Express to do another lap!