Mile after mile of exceptional, intermediate riding.









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This is a classic descent which couldn't be easier to access - it starts right next to the top station of the Muttererlambahn cable car and finishes at the bottom station of the same lift! Much of the descent takes you right under the cables of the lift so be aware that you'll have an audience as you're riding - try not to feel the pressure of being watched! The riding on the trail is technical but not overly so and it's a great line for those looking to move from easy lines (like the nearby "Chainless One") to tougher trails.

Intermediate riders won't have any trouble simply descending this line but the challenge will come in trying to do it quickly and smoothly.

Get off the Muttererlambahn cable car and get straight onto the trail right next to the lower end of the lift station.

The first few turns are easy and serve as a good warm up.

Things quickly get more technical and there are some short drops, optional jumps and sections of slippery roots too.

There's nothing that a reasonably competent rider won't be able to descend easily, but no matter what your level you'll need to keep concentrating all the way down.

The trail is broken at 3 points when it crosses jeep tracks and so you can go "full gas" (to borrow an Austrian phrase) on the technical sections knowing that there's always a break coming up.

The trail finishes level with the Muttererlambahn cable car mid-station but the fun isn't over - just jump on the lower section of "The Chainless One" and tear down this back to the foot of the cable car.