A long, smooth and smile-inducing trip through the forests.


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For riders who are new to technical terrain and want to log some mileage on easy ground, this is the trail you're looking for.

Even if you're a more experienced rider then this track is still worth a look because it is pure "Type 1" fun, guaranteed to make you smile regardless of your skill level.

There are no significant obstacles and the track is smooth and well maintained.

Parts of it can get slightly rutted after long spells of good weather (when there's been a lot of traffic) but even then the riding could never be described as "difficult".

The track begins south-west of the Mutterer Alm - just head down a large gravel road above the kids' bike track, follow it as it swings left and go down for around 100 metres, at which point the trail proper starts on the right.

The start is marked by a wooden ramp and a clear sign. The top section of the run is easy, fast and all too brief.

Sooner than you'd like it pops you out onto a jeep track - head left and follow the track down round a series of gravel-y bends to just above the Muttereralmbahn cable car mid-station.

At this point the trail proper recommences and provides yet more fast fun.

Keep swinging down bend after bend through forests and then, lower down, across a series of fields.

There are some wooden features on the lower section of the trail but they're easy to navigate and suitable for even the most nervous of riders. Eventually you'll pop out just above the Muttereralmbahn cable car.

Ride down to the lift and go for another lap!