As easy as biking gets!









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Biking doesn't get much more simple than this, hence the name of the trail! The riding is easy throughout and the primary danger comes from going too quickly and failing to stop in time for a hairpin bend! The track begins south-west of the Mutterer Alm - just head down a large gravel road above the kids' bike track, follow it as it swings left and then stick with it all the way down to the foot of the Muttereralmbahn cable car.

At times the track has quite a lot of loose gravel so if you lose concentration or pick up too much speed at just the wrong moment, it wouldn't be impossible to lose the front wheel.

Given that you'll likely be going pretty quickly, losing control of your front wheel is not recommended.

As such, retain control all the way down the track and don't gather more speed than you can kill quickly.

Also, bear in mind that you'll cross some hiking trails and some of the trickier bikepark trails too, so be aware of people suddenly appearing in front you. This trail links up sections of "The Chainless One" and "The First One" so one option is to combine this route with brief sections of either of those 2.

The lower section of "The Chainless One" is particularly straightforward so riding down most of this route and then just nipping onto that slightly harder trail for the lowest section should be doable for all but the least confident of riders. Once down at the foot of the cable car, jump back on it and tackle another route.