Out-and-back ride on the Eagle Ridge Trail near Tollgate.


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The Eagle Ridge Trail runs through the Umatilla National Forest near Tollgate.

However, there's no great way to loop the entire trail with nearby roads, which leaves you with the opportunity to do a short out-and-back, ride the entire trail as an out-and-back, or find a way to shuttle it.

However, if ridden as an out-and-back, you'll begin primarily by descending, and then mostly climb on the way back, with some steep climbs and descents in between.

It's an awkward configuration at best, but is one of the only somewhat logical combinations possible. The singletrack itself is flowy and narrow.

Consisting mostly of dark black dirt crossed by the occasional root, this little-used trail remains largely buff and smooth, allowing you to scream down into the gorge at top speed! This smooth singletrack is deceptive, and you’ll lose elevation rapidly as you drop into the gorge.

If you’re not prepared to climb thousands of feet back out of the gorge, remind yourself to check your distance and elevation, and to turn around before you go to far. While this trail does have its moments, some section can be a little boring, and the trail does get overgrown.

While Eagle Ridge does provide an interesting trail option here in Northeast Oregon, it’s far from the best trail in the region.