One of the best routes to maximize the descending at MERA.


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The Tom G Special is one of the top recommended ways to maximize the best descending mountain biking trails in MERA.

Named after the local rider who concocted the route, maximizing the best descents involves crisscrossing the mountain on doubletrack roads, making this map quite useful.

Otherwise, the route would not be immediately apparent. Of course, you can carry on up higher to the top of [North Knob]( and descend North Knob to Ridgeline to Upper Doing Time for even *more* descending, but the Tom G Special descent can easily be shuttled with a two-wheel-drive vehicle.

The loop route mapped here climbs the Mount Emily Road, so the climb can be cut off with a vehicle shuttle. The descent begins on Caffeine and then heads for Doing Time, ripping through a few respectable jumps and drops and blasting through some of the finest berms on the mountain.

After the best section of doing time, the route doubles back over to Caffeine via a gated doubletrack, then drops down Caffeine to Whoopsy-Do, eventually finishing with the jumps and berms on the Skills Slalom. Berms and jumps are the name of the game on this run! You’ll find berms in almost every corner, and while most of the jumps are old school and a bit sketchy, often with sniper landings, there are tons of opportunities to catch some air.

Enjoy the dark, tacky dirt and the ripping descent!