The eponymous trail connecting the larger MERA trail system together.


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The eponymous MERA Loop anchors the greater trail system, providing a spine that all of the other trails connect to in some way.

In addition to connecting the entire network together, this trail epitomizes the style of mountain biking that’s most popular here at MERA. The MERA loop is comprised of buff, fast, flowy dark dirt singletrack snaking through the deep forest along the steep sides of Mount Emily.

Tight turns and switchbacks punctuate the high-speed straightaways, and even for a so-called cross country loop, there’s plenty of climbing and descending to be had.

Despite being classified as a died-in-the-wool XC trail, swoop and flow is the name of the game on the MERA loop with rollers, berms, and a delightful undulation to the trail at all times. While some trails in the MERA trail system tend to get overgrown, the singletrack on the MERA loop stays wide and largely free of undergrowth.

This is largely due to the popularity of this trail.

While the convoluted network of singletrack on this mountainside can sometimes be difficult to navigate, the standard MERA loop is well-marked and easy to follow.

Consequently, plenty of people follow it, making it one of the most popular trails in the network. For a bit more climbing and descending, try incorporating the [Sasquatch Trail]( into your ride, and possibly starting from the Igo Trailhead instead of the Owsley Trailhead.