Starting on a steep groomer and then descending through moguls, Ruby Chief has it all for intermediate skiers.









Ruby Chief starts off the Ruby Road at the top of Paradise Express with Forest Queen.

You'll descend the wide open pitch for 50-100 yards and bear left through a sometimes groomed section of flatter trail.

The Keystone Ridge runs will finish into Ruby Chief on your left as you come up to the Yellow Brick Road crossing the trail right to left.

You can head the the Horseshoe/Horsehoe Springs area or back to the base area by staying left onto the Yellow Brick Road.

Continue down Ruby Chief through a fun, steep bump section that flattens out into Lower Ruby Chief.

You can stay left after the bumps onto the Breakfast Trail to access the top of the Teocalli lift area and access to the Red Lady Express Area.

Continue onto Lower Ruby Chief past the Houston Access cat track back to the base area to stay on Lower Ruby Chief down to the Paradise Express and Warming House or onto the base of the Teocalli Lift or East River area.