A steep black run in Killebrew Canyon









A series of steep pitches ("Pinky", "Ring", "Middle", "Index" and "Thumb", from skier's right to left) in Killebrew that gives you a chance to link tight turns around trees and other obstacles.

Arguably some of the most challenging runs at Heavenly, as some pitches are in the neighborhood of 40 degrees.

To get into the Fingers, enter through gate "A" and head a bit towards skier's left or gate "B" and head straight down.

From above it's not always easy to see, but if you find yourself making short turns in between boulders the size of a Volkswagen, you'll know you're in the right place.

In a recent snow, advanced skiers might feel like building up a little speed and sending it off some of the rock features...

just make sure you know the landing well, as there are some 20 foot pines that could get in the way.

As you approach the bottom, keep an eye out for the exit into Mott Canyon, which is the only way get back to a lift.

Like every trail in Killebrew Canyon, this run contains many obstacles and hazards and is best suited for expert skiers.