Possibly the easiest 4000er in the Alps which enjoys spectacular views









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For those looking to begin their 4000er climbing career or gain some easy acclimatisation for bigger challenges, the Allalinhorn is a great peak.

It's accessed from a lift and is almost always done as a day trip from Saas Fee village. Start by riding the fabulous Saas Fee lift system all the way to the Mittel Allalin station - the access point both for this mountain and the Saas Fee summer ski area.

Once you walk out of the Mittelallalin lift and onto the Feegletscher glacier the Allalinhorn is pretty unmissable as it dominates the view to the south.

It's not as far as it initially looks! Head south-southwest from the station and climb gently towards the broad and vague col which separates the Feechopf from the Allalinhorn.

Shortly before reaching the col begin to curve left (east-southeast) up a hanging shelf of glacier to the south of the Allalinhorn's summit. Climb the shelf and then swing left again head up to the peak's West ridge.

Follow this (easy but slightly exposed) to the summit cross.

The view is wonderful and for those making their first forays into climbing 4000ers, enjoy adding another one to your list! Descend the same way back down to the Mittel Allalin.