A broad, consistently pitched and long face


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The South face of Gallatin Peak is a great long tour to the highest peak overlooking the Gallatin Valley - the views are worth the slog alone.

The line itself is about 35 degrees for 1500 feet of wide open turns.

This face can be a dream if you get it in wind chalk or corn.

It is hard to access Gallatin peak any way you look at it; it sits at the head of Hellroaring creek, but this is not the preferred way to access it.

Most will go from either Bear or Beehive Basins.

The Bear Basin route is about 7 miles with one up-down before the final climb.

Park at the North Fork trailhead and head up into Bear Basin all the way to the head.

Once here, head up about 500 feet to gain the ridge to the east.

Drop into Hellroaring towards the base of Gallatin.

Coming from Beehive, it is about 6 miles, but you have 2 up-downs before you get to the base of Gallatin Peak.

Park at Beehive Basin then hike about 2 miles up the drainage.

After the first peak to the East, hike up a chute looker's left of this peak.

This will get you past Middle Basin, avoiding another up-down.

Ski down into and across the head of Bear Basin.

Then climb the 500 feet to the ridge on the East side.

This will put you on the edge of Hellroaring and you can ski down to Gallatin Peak from here.

Travel out the way you approached.

Whichever way you choose, it will be a long day.