Hike to one of the most remote arches in Arches National Park.


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Looking to beat the crowds that swarm Arches National Park every day of the year? Then head to Tower Arch, one of the most remote arches in the park! While Tower Arch is technically still located in Arches National Park, it's way, way off the beaten track.

You'll have to follow dirt roads out into the far reaches of the park to reach the trailhead.

Despite the dirt road driving, the easternmost trailhead can still be accessed by most two-wheel-drive vehicles.

The western trailhead, on the other hand, requires four-wheel drive to access. "The arch itself is very large; with a 92-foot span it is far from the largest in the park.

But the awe-inspiring immensity of Tower Arch comes as much from its impressive size as it does from its depth, and solid presence," according to [Utah.com](https://utah.com/hiking/arches-national-park/tower-arch-trail).

"It is an arch befitting the entrance to an Olympian palace, heavy, intimidating, and defiant in its graceful span." The trail to reach the arch "is only 2.5 miles long, and gains just over 100 feet in elevation, but the constant up-and-down means that hikers will actually climb quite a bit more than the elevation suggests," according to Utah.com. If you're willing to explore, a few other arches and monuments are located in the same area.

The Marching Men monument is located along the same trail.

"Part of a gigantic fin of eroding sandstone, the Marching Men are a series of tall, thin towers that stand atop the fin in a row, much like soldiers at attention," according to Utah.com.

You can also access Anniversary Arch off of Tower Arch road, "just barely to the west of the junction with Arches National Park Road 19," according to Utah.com.