One of the easiest hikes in Arches National Park leads to one of the best views!


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If you're looking for a short, easy hike in Arches National Park with a _massive_ payoff, it's tough to beat the short jaunt to Double Arch!  Double Arch is a rock formation consisting of two arches connected on one end.

Located "within the Windows area of Arches National Park, an area with the largest concentration of natural arches in the entire world," according to [](, this formation was created "by downward water erosion from atop the sandstone, rather than from side-to-side water erosion." The trailhead is large and well-developed to handle the near-constant traffic that Double Arch receives.

A short 0.3-mile short, flat hike from the trailhead will bring you to the base of the arches themselves.

The hike presents no technical difficulties.

Indeed, it may be one of the easiest hikes in the Moab area… but the impressive views at the end make it a must-do! The adventurous can opt to scramble up the rocks to stand beneath the arches themselves.

This scramble is radically more technical than the mellow, flat trail, so only attempt if you're confident in your footing. However you choose to experience the arches, be sure to bring a camera and take a few snapshots—Double Arch is simply breathtaking!