Home to the largest concentration of natural arches in the world!


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The Windows area of Arches National Park is home to "the largest concentration of natural arches in the entire world," according to [Utah.com](https://utah.com/hiking/arches-national-park/double-arch-trail).

Hiking this route provides a variety of views of the Windows themselves, sometimes referred to as "The Spectacles."  The Spectacles are "two arches [that] stand side by side, though separated by some distance, cut from the same sandstone fin," according to [Utah.com](https://utah.com/hiking/arches-national-park/the-windows-trail).

"A large 'nose' separates the Spectacle arches visually from the southwest, made of a gigantic fin remnant over 100 feet wide." In the same area, and along the hike mapped here, you'll also experience Turret Arch, one of the newer arches in the national park.

Turret Arch isn't very wide but soars straight up into the sky Less adventurous hikers can opt to simply hike the well-maintained trails from the popular Windows trailhead to the respective arches.

But if you're looking to add a little adventure to your Windows experience, complete the entire loop mapped here by following the short backcountry trail around the backside of the Spectacles.

This trail isn't maintained and is poorly marked, but provides an entertaining adventure in an otherwise mellow area. However you choose to experience the arches, be sure to bring a camera and take a few snapshots—the Windows are simply breathtaking!