A short, gentle introduction to off-piste skiing









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Ptarmigan Ridge descent is the perfect introduction to off-piste snowsports.

The route is fairly short, while for the majority of the route the gradient is roughly equivalent to a blue-graded run.

Additionally, the route is not far from the marked pistes and is well within the ski area boundary.

If you're looking to venture off the piste for the first time, this is the best option for you. The majority of the run is visible from the base of the Ptarmigan Bowl, so you can check snow cover and conditions before committing to the run.

Take the Ptarmigan T-Bar up for access, and at the top station turn off to the left.

Heading away from the marked trails, you begin with a long gentle traverse along the ridge.

With good visibility, you can expect a fantastic view of the terrain park and ski area directly below.

Once you can see the Ptarmigan Bowl opening out below, you can begin your descent.

The beauty of the Ptarmigan Ridge is that you can pick your line, based on snow conditions, and where the best untracked powder is! There are no cliffs or features to navigate around, so you can just enjoy cruising down this run.