Bonzai Downhill loop.









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The Bonzai Downhill Trail (BD for short) "can best be described as the 'bread and butter' experience at Blackrock,” according to [](

"It is the most versatile trail on the mountain, allowing each rider to challenge him or herself according to their skill set, so everyone, from first-time to the most-experienced riders, will don a smile as they ride BD,” they continue. On BD, you’ll find massive dirt and wood berms and all manner of wood features.

But in order to allow each rider to craft their own downhill experience, all of the features provide ride-around options.

Riders rave about the quality of the trails at Black Rock! "Freeride mountain bikers will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they roll up to the Black Rock mountain bike trails,” writes [](

"This system of trails has a seemingly endless selection of drops, jump, and wooden features.

These are the features most riders only dream about, too, from wallrides, to skinnies, drops, hips Black Rock has it all,” they continue. While Bonzai is labeled as one of the easiest trails at Black Rock, depending on which line you choose, you can either have a beginner, intermediate, or advanced mountain biking experience. Sources: