So steep you’ll barely feel the ground underneath you









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This steep chute is accessed without hiking, giving it an “in-bounds” feel, but the consequences here are for real.

Spacewalk is one of a few narrow, steep chutes in the giant cliff-band to the skier’s right of Rendezvous Bowl.

This line is hidden from the top of the mountain, and the terrain above it is quite mellow, similar to the in-bounds section of Rendezvous Bowl a couple hundred feet away, which often lures unsuspecting riders into a position they are not ready for.

The other big issue is that if you miss the entrance to either Spacewalk, Zero G, or the very elusive M&M chute, you will find yourself atop a massive cliff! So take the time to access these lines carefully, and as always, it helps to follow someone who knows where they are going.

Spacewalk is accessed by leaving the backcountry gate at the top of Rendezvous Bowl at the south end (the same access gate as for Cody Peak).

Once out of bounds ski the fall line, keeping the fence line in view.

Eventually the slope will steepen up and at this point, you should start to see the entrance to Spacewalk.

Spacewalk is the predominant chute between the most heavily treed ridge on the skier’s left, and sparsely treed and cliffed ridge on the skier’s right.

The entrance is often very wind-affected and can even be corniced so enter with care.

Once in the chute, be aware of the bottleneck two thirds of the way down which is narrow, rocky, and can even include a small mandatory air.

Once past the choke, the chute opens into an apron (stay to the skier’s lefthand side), which eventually turns into an open face with an easy runout into a large basin.

Spacewalk is committing, steep, and often produces avalanches.

Ski it with care! From the basin below, connect with the Green River boot pack, or continue into Rock Springs Canyon.