A long well-known red with a wide open middle section and plenty of options for the route down to 1850.









This long red run is very challenging but is always a favourite with tourists.

To access the piste you have 3 routes: If you are coming from the Méribel side you hang a sharp left after the Panoramic restaurant at the top.

This first section is very steep and often has moguls with a sheet ice section at the bottom that doesn't catch the sun.

The second access route is from the Vizelle gondola, where the piste is again steep but less tracked out and wide enough to turn freely.

The third access point is a track that splits off the top of the Combe Pylônes run and is a gentle cat track taking you to a more forgiving part of the piste – this would be the best route for more intermediate skiers.

The middle section of the piste is fantastic and extremely wide, so you can pick your line and enjoy having space to ski.

The terrain varies; it is usually groomed, however it does get carved up quickly so there will be some moguls and patches of ice that the sun hasn’t hit.

The run snakes diagonally to the left and narrows to go round a sharp turn with a netted barrier on the right-hand side.

The more forgiving part of this section is on the left of the piste so take this if you are unsure of the steep gradient on the corner.

The run then flattens out slightly for the third section before a steep drop takes you to the final section of the piste which can often be icy and you can pick up speed quickly here.

Be careful as the bottom of the piste merges with the green run Verdons.

At the bottom is the Verdons mountain restaurant and ski food hut where you can find anything from traditional Savoyard food to pricey hot dogs and hot chocolate.