North Fork from Skyliner Trailhead.


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North Fork to Farewell ranks as one of the most rewarding short loops in Bend, Oregon! You can begin this ride close to Tumalo Falls, but it’s better to turn it into a lollipop loop by starting further down Skyliner’s road, to avoid the parking cluster at the waterfall. After pedaling classic Bend trails from your desired parking spot, the climb up North Fork begins with the stunning views of Tumalo Falls, one of the top tourist stops in Bend.

To control traffic, North Fork is uphill only for mountain bikes, making this a directional loop. While you’ll begin by passing Tumalo Falls, North Fork continues to reward with stunning views of thundering cascades in a narrow gorge, views of the rushing stream, and an endless parade of waterfalls as you continue climbing up the trail.

While it’s a steep grunt, this is potentially the most scenic climbing trail you’ll ever pedal! Once at the top, take a right on Mrazek and pedal through lush meadows to reach the Farewell Trail. Farewell offers a steeper, faster downhill rip than most of the Phil’s network trails, with some chunky rock gardens and a few switchbacks.

Most notably, you’ll get to ride over a slab of exposed bedrock on the mountainside, with the break in the trees providing stunning views over the entire region! With gorgeous waterfalls, well-built singletrack, and a fast, techy downhill to finish, it’s no wonder that this short loop is a perennial favorite!