A fun trail for everyone. Offering some great wood features and bridges. Both Top Notch and Star Wars comes out at the bottom and link up to Return of the Jedi.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This trail is for everyone.

You can really enjoy some great wood features on Star Wars.

It heads down through the forest and pops out above the river where you get an amazing view of Rundle mountain.

The trail has features on it but everything you can roll over and or ride around.

You start your climb up Return of the Jedi as it snakes back and forth with not much struggle.

It is the rockies and there are a lot of rocks and loose dust on a hot day so be aware of slipping and sliding. Top Notch is a unique trail in the rockies where you will see a variety of terrain.

Some technical rock, some loose dirt and some bridges and rock gardens.

Everything has an option to go around except for the fun bridges that go over the big boulders.

It will spit you out just by Star Wars and you can connect with Return of the Jedi. * Would highly recommend NOT riding this trail especially the wood features when wet.